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Powerful software and cutting edge strategies to take your advertising to the next level. Whether you are an agency looking for a self-serve software, or a brand looking to outsource your advertising, PPC Ninja is here to help!

PPC Ninja Automation Software
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✔ It’s like “Excel on Steroids”
✔ Trusted by agencies
✔ Uses Data Sufficiency Algorithm
✔ Unique Multi-level Target ACoS
✔ 50+ Bulk operations
✔ Campaign Placements X-Ray
✔ Keyword Bid Insight Charts
✔ All markets and ad types supported
✔ Integrated with Google Sheets
✔ Integrated with Google Data Studio (Looker)

Who is PPC Ninja for?
PPC Ninja is an industry-leading software used and loved by PPC Managers working at agencies and brands. We never bind you to any PPC strategy but equip you with all the tools you need to execute your creative strategies.

No Bots to mess you up!
They have given you all the creative and analytical control to slice and dice data your way. No bots to mess you up!

Multi-level Target ACoS
Set your target ACoS at 4 different levels: Account, SKU, Campaign and Branded KW. Our daily bid optimization will generate bids based on the target ACoS hierarchy.

Sponsored Ads Optimization
PPC Ninja supports reporting, analytics and bid optimization for all ad types. Campaign creation is supported for Sponsored Products. We provide the choice of setting bid adjustments to auto-pilot mode after setting target ACoS.

PPC Ninja’s Powerful Features
✔ Bid Recommendations – Daily recommendations to accept manually or automatically. You choose.

✔ Trending ACoS – A revolutionary way to assign ACoS values to zero sales keywords

✔ Bulk Operations – With 50+ inbuilt bulk operations, you can safely ditch the .csv

✔ Keyword Bid Change History – Visually track how bid changes impacted all KPIs

✔ Export to Google – We export your data directly to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

✔ Bid Change History – Correlate events. Wouldn’t you want to know how a change impacted results?

✔ Placement Bid Modifications – Modify placement bids across all campaigns in one place

✔ New Keyword Discovery – All the digging, drilling and heavy lifting done for you

✔ Search Term Reports – All in one place, forever. No more downloading every 60 days

✔ Target Performance – Know exactly which targets brought you traffic

✔ Zero Impression Keyword Discovery – These are great to move to a new campaign to get traffic

✔ PPC Sales by SKU – Zoom in on PPC sales per SKU regardless of which campaigns promote it

✔ Multi-Geography Support – All markets – Seamless, hassle-free set up for markets and ad profiles

✔ Multi-User Support – Add members of your team with separate logins