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BidX is a certified partner of Amazon as a member of its Solution Provider Network.BidX helps brands to grow and scale their business by automating ads on and off Amazon with their software. BidX is the only platform globally that automatically creates and optimizes full-funnel campaigns (PPC & DSP) with self service access.

Fully automated Amazon Ads!
So that you have the time to focus on your core business. We have developed a web application that uses machine-learning algorithms to continuously analyze the performance of your advertisements, making them more profitable through bid and keyword adjustments.

BidX is a certified partner of Amazon as a member of its Solution Provider Network.

What they do:
Keyword Research
Leave the time-consuming process of researching relevant keywords to us! We’ll make sure that your products appear as soon as prospective customers make a promising search query.

Campaign creation
Create complete ad campaign structures effortlessly. With just a few clicks, lay the foundations for optimally performing ads, which are then automatically synchronized with your Amazon account.

Campaign optimization
Our algorithm automatically recognizes well and badly performing keywords and adjusts their bids accordingly. With continuous daily adjustments, the profitability of your ads can increase many times over.

Performance evaluation
Always keep an eye on the success of your ads. Our clear dashboard, combined with a downloadable individualized report, shows you all the key figures needed for evaluating your campaigns at a glance.

Individual support
Through regular exchanges, evaluate your ad performance together with our experts to achieve the best results possible. If you have any questions, access our support via chat, email or telephone.